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What You Require Knowing About Piqua Shawnee Tribe Piqua Shawnee tribe is a legally recognized tribe under the Alabama state legislature. In regards to the wellbeing of this tribe, the government in this area is actively involved. It gives the tribes the right to practice their practices and cultural activities under the law. The Piqua Shawnee is among the nine tribes recognized by the Indian affairs commission. The Piqua Shawnee is officially recognized as an Indian-American tribe. Even though most of the tribes have not managed to hold on to their practices due to the modernization effects, this is one of the ethnic groups that has maintained its customs. This clan is committed to making sure that all their members get to respect their customs and also hold onto them. One thing for sure is that this is a clan that has continued to hold on to their language and other cultural heritage activities. Among the many traditions that are practiced by this particular group, the common one is the living under the same roof, as long as you are a bloodline. The tribesmen have dispersed and scattered in different regions and areas. Even though there is this dispersion that has been necessitated by the search for greener pastures, these people still keep in touch through frequent meetings that they organize. With these frequent gatherings, the tribesmen are able to know how each one of the is doing and also they can table some motions and discuss them. Through these gatherings, people are able to reconcile their differences.
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The most superior man in their political system is the appointed chief. There are two levels of rulers namely the regional and second chief. There is a tribal council that is in charge of the tribal governance. The path to be followed by the people of this ethnic group is determined by this governing body. At the clan rank, this is where any disputes in the tribe are resolved. The clan’s heads are the people mandated to oversee the hearing and solving the clan member’s issues before they are taken to the council.
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The political structure and governance of Piqua’s is so organized that they have positions such as secretary and treasurer. These assistants play a crucial role in the running of the community activities and as a result, they are elected by the members of the ethnic group. From the political, economic and social-political system, the Piqua are so organized. This is an ethnic group that has preserved its customs and they also possess a unique language that they have always used ever since. Although some live far away from their original place, they can still get to become rulers.