5 Awesome Security Plugins all Shopify Merchants Should Try

With the frightening increase in fraudulent credit card transactions, content pilfering and bot targeting cases, it’s evident that security is still a stumbling block among Shopify merchants.

That’s why it’s essential to use the latest tech in the market. Only that way will you safeguard your online business and infuse confidence in potential customers.

Here is a guide through 2017’s most powerful plugins merchants can use to secure their Shopify stores.

Age Check

Are you dealing with age-restricted products? — Adult novelties, tobacco or liquor-related items? Well, make sure you are selling to buyers of legal age. But how can you do this with little effort? Try the Age Check plugin from Lifter Apps.

This plugin allows a merchant to effortlessly attach an age confirmation widget to their Shopify store, which lets you easily comply with all age verification laws.

Human Presence Technology

The Ellipsis Human Presence Technology plugin is the ultimate solution to the annoying bots that come spying on your Shopify analytics.

With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about destructive computerized bots. You can tell between real visitors and those from bot farms or fraudsters attempting to intrude into your site.

EasyLockdown – Access Management

Have you had enough of content theft? Or you just can’t stand the avoidable refunds you suffer now and then. Well, with NexusMedias EasyLockdown – Access Management plugin, you can block internet users from specific countries from viewing your e-commerce store.

This can be done by creating a list of blacklisted nations or allowing specific individuals from those countries to access your site.

Content Protection [Shopify Plugin]

Seeing your product descriptions and images in your competitor’s website can be so irritating. And with some e-commerce merchants turning into notorious copycats, you might want to safeguard your content.

This plugin enables you to disable drag-and-drop actions as well as any right-click interactions on your website.

McAfee Secure

McAfee is known for its rigorous security measures. And with the McAfee Secure plugin, you get to show the McAfee security certification badge to all your shoppers. This way, customers will feel more comfortable conducting transactions at your Shopify store

The McAfee Secure plugin will help remove any doubts that could affect your conversion rates.

Better security means you stand a chance of making fatter profits. Ensure you also find a high risk merchant account provider with stringent security measures like eMerchantBroker. You don’t want to look vulnerable to fraud in the eye of the consumer; neither do you want to be an open target for fraudsters. Trying out these state-of-the-art security plugins is a good way to find out the best Shopify plugins to use for your website.

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