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The Necessary Steps for Creating a WordPress Website A WordPress website is a very cheap but competent option for businesses and individuals who hope to own a functioning website at very affordable rates. WordPress allows you to set up any type of website for free; and you do not need to be a professional to successfully do it. Despite it being free, it is also effective as millions of individuals and companies have set up websites on WordPress. This article explains the simple process of creating a WordPress website. The first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name. A domain name refers to the unique address of your website in full. A domain name needs to be unique and attention grabbing, so that it is easily remembered. Businesses have to choose domain names that are both catchy and professional sounding so as to be taken seriously. Every new domain name has to be unique and different from any other that exists, and there are people who can help with that. A website would not be functional if it was not hosted on a server. The next step in the process is therefore to choose a hosting account and purchase a package. This part is not free as you will have to pay your server provider regular fees for the hosting. There are different packages available depending on your needs, all costing different amounts. Ensure that your package will meet all your needs without blowing a hole in your pocket.
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With those two steps taken care of, you will need to install WordPress. You do not have to purchase the software on a CD but you can download it from the internet. You being the admin of your website will have to come up with a username and password to access your website and customize it. These will help you to log into your website and control what the client sees.
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When all these details are in order, it is now up you to customize your website’s appearance. At this stage; you are the designer of your own website. Choose the theme, colors and fonts that best represent your brand. You can choose from the inbuilt themes and colors from WordPress or you can purchase them from other sources. To make your website fully functional and useful, you will need to add relevant content to it. The content can be in the form of informative articles that you post under different headings on the website. Pictures and videos are also a good idea especially if they are relevant and useful.

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