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Why Link Building is so Important As a massive volume of content goes into the net continues to be in great demand on its very high rate, it is also becoming harder than before to attract audiences. As the brands and the publishers continues to try in churning out some new or fresh pages, they also need to have a heavy investment. Out of the 1,200 new contents being released by Washington Post, 500 were written by their editors in-house. According to the internet, based on the Internet Live Stats, there is approximately 4.3 million of the blog post that pop ups in one day. Trying to keep a company in this hard competition is not an easy thing to do. According to the research finished by the Boost the News, 74 percent of the released article already hit the target traffic on the first 24 hours that they were being released and then the next 25 percent will be on the next 48 hours. Long live the King. “Content is king,” as the saying goes but where is the ROI on the pages in publishing which are just useless within just a couple of days? Same thing with releasing new and fresh contents, we also need to remember that old ones can still be used to the greater extent.
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Thru expanding the shelf life of your article, you can actually maximize the chance to be discovered. You will be able to know the asset that you have to extend the content’s life. First you need to audit the content that you have on your site as of the moment then decide on what are the pages that don’t need to be published, upgraded or updated and repurposed or to be promoted . You can actually unpublished the articles that you think are no longer attractive to your ideal customers. If you believe that contents marketing means quality and then some contents are not helping you, keeping this content would be useless. You don’t need to keep something that will just turn off your readers and slow down your site in the web. Obviously, the contents that talks about old products as well as the services that are no longer offered are just some of the clear things you need to get rid of. By doing so, you need to do first the 301 redirects, the reason behind this is to bring the reader to more useful articles for them. One best example is that when an audience will try to have an access on a listing for a job that is no longer offered, you can bring them to a page that is just updated wherein they would also know more things about all of your openings.6 Facts About Businesses Everyone Thinks Are True