The type of activity that can make money on the internet the easiest

  1. Contributing as an article writer

The online media is now growing so rapidly, even able to beat the print media market that lately seems more sluggish.

Website and Blog is a source of information that is already very familiar to anyone because of the ease of access and speed to obtain news sources without leaving your seat.

So what to do with online business opportunities for a beginner who do not understand information technology was not even aware of the program website or blog?


This is an opportunity that is sometimes still underestimated and seemed not bona fide to be a bright path to earning money from the internet. For more information, you can visit Spinrewriter.

Here is a simulation:

  • Website or Blog require a source of news in the form of text, pictures or even video files that can provide useful information to visitors.
  • Web and Blog owners certainly hope the site can compete with others for the quality of their proprietary information more reliable.
  • To that end, many managers typically Web and Blog which will accept submissions in writing or even buy the posts (articles) of others if it is considered to have good quality and worth to be published.
  1. Blogs build free or paid

Most online business opportunities are easy to get money from the internet the third is to build a blog where you can choose to use free or paid means.

To this point, of course, is closely related to the first one that became the author of the article content to provide information via online media.

Meant that, if you yourself are able to create articles with good quality, then it would not hurt if you also publish it us on a blog site that you wake up.

Although still using a free platform, but to start an online business learning, certainly does not hurt before you plunge by means paid.

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Indeed, with a paid media platform blogs that you manage aka appear more professional and convincing.

Sources of income of a blogger are not solely from advertising alone. But there are many other options that can capitalize on the popularity of your blog sites include:

  • Creating a trading site offers its own proprietary products or any other person
  • Following the affiliate program (realtor) to earn commissions from successful product you are promoting