Why to use social media marketing?

In the 90s when the Internet became public a domain, brought an unprecedented change even though people were not fully prepared for this change, but when the social networks came in, they dramatically transformed the way we relate and communicate with people.

Obviously, this change affects positively and negatively, not only individuals but general trade. The companies, like Social Booom, saw a great opportunity in social networks, but they had no idea how to use them to obtain economic and commercial benefit.

For this reason they developed different strategies to this end, all of these strategies is what is now known as Social Media Marketing.

Unfortunately there is a large percentage of companies that still do not understand the importance of having Social Media Marketing plan, they are afraid of change and considered an unnecessary expense socialize your company.

For this reason it is very important that a company has very clear why you must have a Social Media Marketing plan, which allows to maximize the social networks.

Corporate social networks, besides to allow communication with clients, also enable communication with suppliers , including employees, consultants and everyone associated with the company, this can greatly reduce the cost of operations.

They are a powerful means to address and manage customers, much more effective than a call center and, of course, much cheaper.
The use of blogs, videos, news channels, offer a better position in search results while properly inform people about the benefits of the products and services being offered.

Through social networks, companies can leverage surveys and answers to improve their products or services and in this way, obtain a better adapt to the demands of their customers.

Always thanks to social networks a company can communicate offers, discounts, new product launches almost instantly and without cost.

Additionally, you can know in advance if its release will have the expected success. Companies can use social networks to greatly extend the opening hours to the public with much lower costs.

Companies that are in social networks can find out immediately of the criticisms that are making to their brand and try to resolve them before they spread to the entire network.

Social networks get humanize businesses, creating a direct channel of communication between people and the company itself , the possibility is given to customers to bring their concerns directly to the company and obtain an almost immediate response.

The companies through social networks can select and hire staff to work more easily and lowering the cost if it’s done through the usual channels, such as newspaper ads.

We could go on much longer talking about the advantages of implementing a Social Media Marketing plan, but we must also mention the disadvantages that a company has when is not in social networks.

Today, almost all people use social networks, so we can be sure that our customers already in the network, if they seek and not find us, we lose credibility with them.

Our potential customers are in the social networks too, if our competition is implementing a Social Media Marketing plan and we are not in the network, we are in great competitive disadvantage with all the risks that entails.

Only being in the social networks, a company can find out the perception that your audience has of your brand and organization, not having this information can lead to the loss of acquired customers.

If someone speaks ill of the services or products of our company in social networks and we do not have a Social Media Marketing plan that tells us how to react in the right way, the reputation of our brand can drop very low.

Not being in social networks deprives us of the chance to be updated with the changes that are taking place and know what our competition is doing.

We can safely say that the absence of our company on social networks is equivalent to a death trading sentence.

Having a Social Media Marketing plan means take full advantage of the possibilities that social networks offer us, who are not only what is commonly thought , that is establish communication between our company and our customers, but , as we saw , much more than that.

I think there is no need to add more reasons of why a company should have a Social Media Marketing plan, so I invite you to proceed to the next lesson which will explain how to create a of Social Media Marketing plan.