7 Tips to Success Building Careers in Technology

Technology becoming increasingly familiar with the life of the community. This makes many people choose technology as an area explored, but because its potential is very large, this technology also will never fall. This makes the most of the technology leaders ranging from Mark Zuckenberg (Facebook), Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox), David Karp (Tumblr), and many others are able to achieve success so quickly.

This further shows that a career in technology is very interested in a lot of people. To get tips how to build your personal brand, you can see in itpro.tv.


Many people who have pro or layman wants to try to succeed in this field. Therefore, for those who’ve been in the world of technology humans try not to be wasted.

Here are 7 steps to build successful careers in technology

Often Read about Computer

Ease of technology helps us to access information. You can read information about computers or about the latest technology through reference books or browsing the internet. Keep in mind, the development of technology is very fast, so to be very hurt when you miss the latest information.

Build a Website

Building a website seems to be mandatory for a better career. Waking up a website in accordance with passion. Do not forget to also include the CV in the “About Me” section of your website. The website is very nice as a means of branding themselves. Update regularly, keep the website alive and professionals.

Do not Just Glued on One Operating System

In studying the field of technology, our curiosity should be high, because a lot of technologies that exist in this world. I am sure, if you are new to the computer world, must be the operating system used is Windows. Try to increase knowledge about the various operating systems and begin to try each one. This will certainly add to your knowledge related to the operating system and application program supporters. There is no harm if you use another OS such as Linux, Mac, etc.

Be Tech Volunteer

Waiting for your technology skills can be cashed could certainly take some time. Occasional try to “donate” skill you have, or you can also follow the open source projects. Professional and Career Networking technology you will be more quality if it ever becomes tech volunteer. Very effective, especially for those of you who are still fairly new to the world of technology.

Active in the Community

Look for a community that is relevant to your passion into a career in the field of technology, can be online or offline. In the community, I am sure you will meet people who are already pro and have the same passion as you. Share knowledge, experiences and information. Keep it running good relationship with other members, some of them could potentially be your best business partner.

Learn Internet Marketing

IM (Internet Marketing) will be important in supporting career skills, especially for those of you whose career oriented Technopreuneur. Learn Adword, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Facebook Ads, Press release, and so on.

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