Best Search Engine Optimization Trends

Your website is like your profile, and it doesn’t matter in which industry you are, it has to look good. If you are ranking in one of top three spots on search engines, you will send a message to your competition that you are among the best. Ten years ago it was much easier to be on the first page on Google, but as technology changes and usage of artificial intelligence is normal, it became much harder to even appear in the search.

The algorithm is constantly changing at you have to adjust many details in order to beat your competition. If building successful online presence is your goal, you have to be updated. Using the right programs will help you a lot, but being informed and gathering data is the most important thing for many large platforms. Some of the SEO trends stayed the same, but for the last couple of years, we have seen a change in the design and optimization.

Voice Search Optimization

One of the most popular things we will see in the future and is growing in the present is the voice search. Majority of people are using more their phone over computers which big companies are exploiting. There are many videos on YouTube that show how people are getting ads related to what they were speaking about in a past week. This is related to the voice search that is being optimized as we speak.

Big companies like Google and Amazon are investing a lot in this technology and they believe that half mobile users will search via voice in 2020. It means that half of the traffic will be from spoken queries. Computers and phones will be able to understand our speech and will try to adapt to it by using artificial intelligence.

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Quality Content

Quality content always mattered, but we could use great marketing to get traffic to our website even when the content was awful. Because Google now has new AI technology that is working on ranking websites, quality content needs to have real quality. It depends what your business is about, so the things you have to adapt can be different.

They are recognizing from how long a person is staying on the website to how long they are looking at a certain page or even a certain paragraph of the page. They’ve dug deep in user behavior, and they are including everything when ranking. You need to make content that will make a user stay and even better click on more pages on your site. Getting in the user mindset is the future.

Mobile-first Indexing

Phones are dominating over computers and search engines recognized that so we now have to focus on mobile devices the same PC. The user experience or UX for mobile devices is now very important. This includes design and how fast is it responding. There are websites that you only visit on your phone, so there is no need for them to invest in their desktop version of the site. We will see this trend becoming even more popular in the future as the features on mobile devices are expanding. Read more here.

Data Protection

This is a new thing that search engines are taking into consideration. General Data Protection Regulation was announced by the EU which means that users will have their private information under their control. There won’t be a page that will be spared that doesn’t follow these rules.

Many people are happy hearing this, but when you think more about it you will realize that people will never be protected from malicious third parties. Hackers will always find a way if they won’t, but still, search engines will recognize when a website is well-protected. There will be more improvements in the next few years.

Blockchain in SEO

The Blockchain is becoming more popular lately because this technology is used to make the Internet more secure. A lot of people are trying to find a way to integrate it into their websites and possibly make a profit. Some people that are professionals in this area are suggesting that it can be used in SEO for validating backlinks. No one has clear information about how it is going to be used, but many are doing experiments.

Video Optimization

On every popular page that you visit, you can see some explanatory video. It is important to use them cleverly and placing them in the right place. Google loves when everything is done thoroughly, and having a video that is explaining a certain theme is improving your chance at ranking better. In the future people will care less to read. Everything will be focused on audio. For example, audio books are becoming very popular which doesn’t have anything to do with optimization, but it shows how the interest in reading is falling.

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