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Why You Should Use WordPress WordPress is the best blogging software in the world. More users continue to join wordpress since the year 2003. WordPress has undergone an evolution to become more than just a blogging application. Today, there are plenty of sites powered by wordpress that are not just blogs. If you intend on having a website built,then it high time you consider WP. Here are the reasons why WordPress is the best content management system. Hopefully, you can switch to WP, once you read advantages. Easy To Use One of the main reason why wordpress is loved by millions of customers is because it is easy to use. Even if technology is not your strong point, operating wordpress is easy. This is because wordpress has a simple interface. It is a seamless process when it comes to adding new pages, photos, pages. WordPress is easy to edit or update, unlike other websites. To understand how wordpress works,you need just an hour. As a result, you should contemplate using wordpress if you want a simple to manage content management software.
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Provided you have a browser you can manage wordpress. In essence, it means that from any location wordpress can be managed. You Don’t Need Any Programming Knowledge Since you don’t require any programming knowledge using wordpress is a breeze. Even knowledge of HTML is not necessary. The other CMS’s have requirement that you must understand coding languages such as PHP and HTML. Search Engine Friendly From the beginning, wordpress was created to be search engine friendly. The code behind wordpress is easy and clean for search engines such as Google. If you want a top position on google, then you should utilize wordpress on your site. In addition, performing SEO on WordPress is easy, since you use plugins. Easy to Manage By Yourself WordPress has an easy to understand and manage backend. As a result, you don’t need a web designer to help you update your content. All you need is a little knowledge on how to manage your website and you are good to go. Many Templates The wordpress front end can be customized to fit your needs, even though the back end is the same. There are plenty of templates or themes you can choose to give your company site a nice look. But for themes to match your brand color, customization is needed. Lots of Plugins WP has plenty of plugins that enhance its function. Because of plugins, nowadays wordpress sites are interactive and dynamic. All you are required do when doing SEO is a plugin for example. Easy to Scale WordPress is created scale. This means that you site can grow in terms of content and traffic. It is essential to inquire if a web development firm uses WP, if you want to contract their services.

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