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Characters That Define Great Business Leaders

It does not matter if the leader is a freelancer, a full-time business owner or a freelancer the person needs to learn how to lead the team. Great leaders have certain qualities that make them great at what they do, and these traits can be applied by any business leader. A known fact is that one of the character traits of a great business leader is integrity, and this goes beyond being just fair and honest and includes things like being whole or hot. Cheating is one of those things that most entrepreneurs fail at, and the bad thing with lies is not just the fact that the lies make the entrepreneur a bad person, but it plucks the entrepreneur from the present thus hinders the business person from facing what is going on in the world. Each and every time the entrepreneur lies they create a false reality that they keep living in and it is only when the entrepreneur commits to being wholly and complete honest that they can have adapted to the reality. A research has showed that only half of all business leaders have a high reputation for integrity and this leads to the ease in fudging numbers because employees expect not to be told the truth. Crafting a precedent of integrity by being completely honest and facing reality sets the same expectation from employees thus a culture of trust is built where the leader can address challenges with real solutions.

Successfully leading a company is about creating relationships and to keep these relationships the person needs to think about how the actions will affect the lives of employees and make them feel. If the workers are treated with empathy and consideration, they will treat the clients and their coworkers in the same, and if the business leader wants the workers to be considerate and understanding towards customers and co-workers, they need to demonstrate similar empathy towards such employees. Showing empathy towards clients nudges leaders to be servant leaders which is a management style where the leaders do all they can to help and serve employees. When the leader has empathy they consider how workers are feeling and anticipate, what they might need and when the leader is a servant leader, they get to work serving employees based on their needs and feelings. This leadership style has shown that it encourages employees to adopt the same servant leadership model and it leads to improved customer service, higher employee retention levels, and increased job performance. Besides the benefits, that this leadership has to offer the fact is that this is the right thing to do.

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