Great Salary Is not Everything. Search Work Earns 5 About This If You Want Happy

  1. Indeed, your salary is not currently able to bring you into a millionaire. But you are grateful face is sufficient for basic needs: food

how many people out there that let stripped again want eat anything, they are still thinking today could eat what not. With a salary of $ 500, at least your basic needs that one can still be met. In fact, you can still occasionally eat well every month. This is sometimes spared for your blessing. Therefore when the heart begins to rough work, remember that you are still able to buy the basic necessities for survival, for more information you can visit

  1. Although small, the wages you receive every month at least should provide a feeling of security. At least you have a livelihood, than those who are still unemployed

The monthly salary is what makes you feel much luckier when compared with others who are still working hard to get a job. Although the amount is fairly mediocre, but it was sufficient for your monthly. There is a feeling of security every time you get a salary every month. Feeling safe is what makes you enjoy your job today. Thankful that the results of your labor for this is still insufficient to meet the needs.

  1. Compared with high salaries but treated like a sweatshop workers without the right break, mending still have time for family and friends

Family and friends as the greatest encouragement team greatly affects your happiness at work. Although the salary is still mediocre, their presence next to you always makes you feel happy. Surrounded by people who love to make you feel excited when in the office. No matter it’s Monday though. In contrast to those who always feel lonely, working in the office is always accompanied with a bad mood, grumbling and complaining. The existence of loved ones around you greatly affect your performance at work. So, did you spend time with family and friends this weekend?

  1. Your company is currently still a startup, but they did not hesitate to acknowledge your contribution. Appreciated your hard work during this time, it makes you feel appreciated

There are things that you so loved the work and grateful to work at your firm today, which is you feel so appreciated. You were always involved in decisions relating to the company. Your contributions to the company and accomplishment never underestimated appreciated. It makes you feel they have an important role in your firm. To make you who eventually moved to always do the best for your firm this time.

  1. Felt there are many new things to be learned. Despite meager salary, but you have plenty of opportunities to thrive

How many companies are freeing their employees to have a second job? Maybe not so much. Therefore, you are given a lucky flexible with time by the company to develop themselves. The value of which can not even be matched by the nominal figures. Thankful also you can learn a lot of new knowledge because it is very useful to you later. Later, when you are no longer in your firm that now, at least you’re out in a state of satiety science. Although the salary has been fairly mediocre.

Money is really everything. But do not measure works only on the nominal rupiah alone. Many things beyond that which actually can make you feel pretty and happy. For example, knowledge, experience, and feeling valued at work, which in turn increasingly makes more enthusiasm to work.

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