How to Buy SEO Leads the Smart Way

Purchasing SEO leads is a very fast and effective way to expand your business. This tactic takes the guesswork out of marketing and allows you to boost your sales figures quickly. This is all assuming that you purchase good SEO leads. Today, we’re going to go over some tips to help ensure you always get the best SEO leads possible that will push your business to the next level.

Established SEO Lead Provider

With the rising demand of leads generated through SEO, there are many small-time businesses trying to jump on the gravy train of quick cash. These providers tend to give you unqualified leads that simply don’t convert very well.

Avoid these bad providers that are just looking to turn a quick profit by investing in quality companies who have established reputations. Read the reviews that others are sharing about the leads the company provides and ensure they are worth your investment.

Ensure the Leads Are Exclusive

Some of the less reputable companies will sell the same list of leads to multiple competing companies in the industry. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell to a potential client who just spoke to three of your competitors already. These non-exclusive leads can make your job extremely hard and can turn out to be a big waste of your money.

Exclusive leads are those that are generated and given to only one business. This will drastically reduce your competitive edge and allow you to get first dibs on new clients. Always ensure whatever business you are buying SEO leads from, such as offers only exclusive leads.

Verify The SEO Leads Are Fresh

SEO leads are kind of like fruit. The fresher the fruit the better, however, if you sit on it for too long it will rot away. Getting leads that are no older than two days can ensure your sales conversion goes up and there’s no competition.

You should be asking any potential SEO leads provider how old the leads are when they will be handing them over to your business. Anything over two days you shouldn’t purchase, unless at a drastically discounted price.

Make Sure They Are Pre-Qualified

You only want to be spending your marketing budget on SEO leads that are pre-qualified to need the services that your business offers. Some less reputable SEO lead providers will just acquire a list of business names in a certain industry and pass these along as generated leads.

You want a company that pre-screens all the leads to ensure they are the best match for your business. The leads should be actively in need of the services that your business provides, otherwise, buying leads can be a big waste of money.

In addition, having leads that meet other specific parameters is important. For example, if your company offers services for medium to large sized businesses, you don’t want to be purchasing SEO leads that are comprised of only small businesses who cannot afford your services.


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