Social Anxiety Tips

When it comes to our social lives, the modern era has presented us with a number of surprising barriers to entry. Social media can sometimes seem to be anything but, often making us feel more isolated, rather than fulfilling the promise of connecting us, and our attachment to our screens and the constant influx of digital media can make forging meaningful human connections difficult. This, I think, is the crux of the increase in cases of social anxiety in the millennial generation. While we have more ways than ever to create relationships of all kinds, it’s often harder than ever to simply start conversations to start new relationships. If you suffer from social anxiety like I do, here are some tips to help you alleviate the symptoms of this mental illness.

This mental illness is one of self consciousness. It’s an extreme version of an emotion we’ve all felt, in other words, and so the advice I’m about to give is going to sound familiar, but the problem is one of confidence. People suffering from social anxiety are constantly second guessing themselves and worrying about how they are perceived by others, despite the fact that others are likely not even paying much attention in that way. However, it still helps to address the problems you perceive as a jumping off point, as it will make you feel more confident. For example, revamping your wardrobe with some new threads from Brooks Brothers can help you feel more confident in social situations, as you will be more likely to attract positive attention, instead of worrying about attracting negative attention. Trying out a new haircut, or any number of changes to your image, can offer a similar effect.

Another way to improve your social anxiety is to expose yourself to social settings more often. People dealing with social anxiety are prone to isolation due to their condition, so it’s a vicious cycle that can lead to other mental illnesses like depression. So, it’s in your best interest to try something called immersion therapy, wherein you expose yourself to the thing you’re afraid of to get over your fears. So, try going out with friends more often and starting conversations even though you’re scared. It will be a challenge, for sure, but it will go a long way toward making such activities, and other more necessary ones, much easier moving forward.

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