Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Marketing

Digital Marketing and SEO Services for Improved Online Presence

The world of technology has indeed impacted how we behave socially, how as consumers we do business. Today, businesses face the challenge of keeping up with these technological advancements in order to have their place in the market because of new marketing and communication schemes that will help them stay in the competition and be known for what they are worth.

Digital marketing has leveled the playing field for small and large businesses. Today, you can already be known worldwide by simply having a computer and a digital marketing strategy. This was not true before because the larger businesses were way ahead of the small retailers.

This is made possible since developing an online marketing strategy has replaced that relatively costly advertising channel such as newspapers, television, radio, and magazine which are purely outbound. This online channel now allows business to make improvements and improvise, measure volumes of traffic in their sites, write content, know what consumers think, and send emails for promotional campaigns. This is a lot better than the traditional way where after giving out your ads to the people you have no idea how the consumers have taken it or there is no reality check. Today this check is instantaneous.

Traditional advertising has a way of intruding on people’s rights and privacy after being left clueless on how their advertising is being received. There are a lot of people who don’t want to receive advertising mail or phone calls at inconvenient hours of the day advertising products they are not interested in. In today’s marketing strategies, people have the freedom to choose, to decide, to listen when they want to, and to communicate to a company or not.

Now if you are thinking of outsourcing your website to an agency so that you can focus on what you are good at doing, let me briefly define the difference between digital marketing and SEO service that are available today to help you distinguish the two. Both are the same except for some small differences. The main different is that their scopes are distinguished mainly for marketing purposes, yet they perform and same function and have the same skills.

The difference lies in the person working in the agency. The SEO or search engine optimization worker or consultant care about getting more organic visits to your website, while the digital marketing consultant looks at the complete online presence of a company which includes among others, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile, banner advertising, etc. In SEO, different techniques and practices are used so that your website will end up in the top positions in search engine results pages. Increasing your website traffic is the chief goal of SEO.

You need both digital marketing and SEO if you really want you online presence felt by consumers. You cannot succeed if you only hire one.

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