Why Choose Third-Party Adwords Reporting Dashboard


AdWords is a great way to increase clicks, costs, and conversions, but you will not be able to do it efficiently if you do not employ Analytics tools or any other report dashboard that will help you along the way.

Since numerous features entered this particular platform, today, it is as simple as possible to check the capabilities of your campaign without any additional problem. Of course, reports will help you improve campaign and to gain better insight into things that you are doing.

AdWords is a great choice that will provide you with an idea of how much money you should pay for your ads and how many conversions you got for that money. However, between conversion and click, you live in the mystery. That is the main reason why you should choose some analytic tools that will help you have a clear idea of everything that is happening.

In case that you decide to consider Adwords dashboard from ReportGarden, you will get a clear perspective on what you will achieve for it and how to improve your campaign too.

The best thing about the analytic tool is that it will tell you what people do on your website and how long are they staying, which are two most important factors that will present you the successfulness of your campaign. At the same time, you will be able to check why people are not converting so that you can find reasons and change them.

Avoid Deleting Zero Conversion Keywords

The first thing that you will see is many keywords that you implemented in your ad that feature zero conversions. Most people will delete all of them, or to lower bids to avoid losing money. However, you should understand that conversion that you are seeing are last-click conversions, so only the last keyword that visitor used would serve and act as conversions.

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If you have in mind that people are doing numerous searches while looking for something to purchase, it is evident that it is useless to delete these keywords, because you will eliminate those keywords that can provide you upper funnel activity. That way, you will end up with fewer users than before.

You should do these things if you notice wrong keywords:

  • Check whether they feature high engagement or high numbers of visits as well as the duration of each stay. This could be an indicator that the main problem does not rely on keywords, but on the site, that you are advertising is not something that you have promised through advertisement. The primary goal for most visitors and users is to find the right place and website that will prove useful, and the worst thing that you can do is to provide an ad that will tell an unlikely The best solution for this particular case is to make a more relevant landing page, so that your potential visitor may see as soon as he/she reaches the website what they want and need. Check out this link: https://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/what-is-landing-page.html to learn what landing page is.
  • Check for new visits so that you can see whether these keywords are helping and driving new users inside the funnel. In case that keyword drives many visitors, you should check search funnels to know whether they decided to change the keyword or try another one, through different channels. If that is the case, you should figure out how to value keywords, because deleting them could backfire with ease and cause havoc instead.

Find Bad Landing Pages

You should check the average time on site and bounce rate so that you can determine its comparison with conversion rate. That way, you will be able to find the number of people that are not engaging and converting too.

That way, you will be able to analyze the worst places on various solutions, and you should do following things to fix it up: pick a better landing page, fix the keywords, and change ads that are misleading.

On the other hand, if your website features a high bounce rate, then you should address the elements that will reduce the possibility for users to make the site trustworthy. Even though AdWords will provide you perfect starting point to determine which landing pages are poor, you will not be able to get enough data that will help you along the way.

If you want to be efficient by looking those landing pages, you should check landing page report by using appropriate dashboard software that will be handy during the campaign.

It Will Allow You to Track Complex Conversions

AdWords conversion tracking code began ten years ago, and it still functions the same way, so you will not be able to track multiple but only simple conversions. However, the idea is to monitor more than a few factors because that way you will be able to implement appropriate steps so that you can reduce the bouncing rate and increase engagement.

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A common problem that AdWord features is the inability to track different types of conversions, and it will treat every single one as the same. The example of this particular thing is when you have two campaigns, and for one the goal is to build your email list, while others have the intention of selling a product.

When you track both conversions, campaigns will provide you different conversion types, but regular report software will mix all of them and not count email signups and times you sold a product but will give you the overall results.

You can choose one solution that will allow you to count different conversions, or you will be able to assign conversion value of zero for one campaign so that you can see how many people have clicked on the first campaign. It sounds difficult, but it is not.

If you want to develop loyal relationship with your customer, you should visit this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Develop-a-Relationship-With-a-Customer to see how to do it.

It is challenging to see individual conversions, while third-party analytics, will provide you every single step as well as customization of campaign report so that you can create a different set of goals, which will allow you to understand better each level of both campaigns.

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