Top myths about gambling are finally debunked

gambling are finally debunked

See the most common gambling myths explained. Check out how we debunk the worst lies about casinos and games.

It doesn’t matter that gambling has been round the corner for nearly a century. It doesn’t even matter that we all know how to find a decent slot machine whether in the internet or in a ground casino. The myths are still there and they put you in risk. They put the entire gambling community in risk. Don’t remain here. Come out of the shadow and face the truth. Because the following myths are finally debunked, although they were lies we believed in for many years:

  1. All casino games are totally rigged. There’s no difference if you are a poker pro or you have just finished your tenth Blackjack game. The casino is going to cheat you and that’s it. There’s no need to invest your money in casinos as they are rigged. We will just say “No!”. There’s nothing realistic in this statement. Plus – don’t forget that if you have even a slight suspicion on the casino’s fair play, you can immediately turn to any gambling commission (all of them are independent) and make your complaint.
  2. It’s all about luck and you cannot strive for a win with some bold skills. Actually, luck can indeed help you if you don’t have any skills. However, don’t expect for this luck to work forever. On the contrary, skills will always make you a better gambler and if you upgrade them, you can even achieve some record-breaking results.
  3. The previous results in a gambling game matters for what’s left for you. They talk about cold and hot slot machines. They also claim that if during the last couple of hours no one hit the correct number at roulette, someone will soon do that. But there are no such things, especially in internet gambling platforms, where all outcomes are randomly selected by the computer software.
  4. The betting system is 100% capable to beat any house edge in a casino. We would say absolutely the contrary thing – in the casino games the best betting system is not having a betting system. Don’t get it wrong. We don’t talk about sport betting here. It’s a completely different form of gambling. We mean that playing with the odds with a consistent betting strategy in table games or even worse – in slots – you will not achieve anything.
  5. To keep you as a regular player, any gambling operator will let you win once in a while. Actually, today’s online gambling houses have different (more profitable for them and for you) ways to keep you as a loyal customers. They offer you bonuses if you make lots of deposits or if you are among the most active clients. They are even ready to put you in a specially tailored loyal customer program and grant you with numerous prizes. But they will not press a button that will make your bet on a roulette correct number to win immediately.

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