Who plays slots at most?

Who plays slots

Discover some curious information about the traditional players who enter link alternatif joker123. Check out some correlations between the different slot lovers from all around the world and see if you appear in any of these groups.

Gambling has been always related with statistics. That’s why we have been always keen in checking out interesting data that’s taken from in-deep researches and in-house studies. When we know these numbers we have a base that might change our perspective – whether we play poker in big VIP tournaments or keen in slot games.

If you are of the second type of players, keep reading that. This material is dedicated to a study that shows some of the typical specifications of the traditional slot player. Who plays slot games at most? Find out right away.

According to a research males prefer the slots more than women

A recent study by Casinor has shown something that has made a lot of the male players confused at the casino. They used to think that female gamblers love lucky fortune games and games such as slots rather than poker games which require more thinking. But it turned out that males prefer slots more than females.

The slot games are beloved by the youngest and by the oldest

It’s logical that young gamblers count on slot machines in the beginning. It’s because they haven’t gained enough experience. However, what’s the deal with the senior’s obsession to slots? Let us tell you. The thing is that seniors truly love slot machines for one main reason: they are nostalgic. And slots are turning the time back to remind the old times, when there were slot machines even at the gas station.

Richer gamblers play less slot games rather than the poor people

Poor people usually count on the sudden luck and the chance. They dream of getting rich by chance. That is why they prefer games like slot machines and lotteries or even bingo. Poor people are ready to do everything it takes to be wealthy. They will not give up from a cool gambling house and will find the link alternatif joker123 immediately as long as it promises them huge jackpots.

Poker players play slot games more often rather than the Blackjack enthusiasts

Can you guess why? It’s a bit complicated. The thing is that poker players love everything about poker. They even wear underwear with poker symbols. That’s not important, though, now. Poker players tend to skip to other gambling products, indeed. Do you know what they prefer? Of course, video poker games! But when they get sick and tired of poker games, too, they move to something else. And, naturally, it’s the slot game which is quite similar to the video poker game.

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