Why Do People Gamble? What is the Benefit?

Since human started making colonies to live, he is having the custom of gambling. But nowadays gaming has been changed a lot in many ways. Gambling is considered as a threat to the right person, but still, many people think it is good. According to such people, some benefits of gambling are

Good chance of getting quick money

Though it is not sure in any gamble, people think that it is an excellent chance to make quick money. The money you can get so good and so fast in gambling can never get in any job. Here you can make even a $ one million in a night if luck favours you.

Stress booster

Many people also say that since people like to gamble, to win money, it gives them some relaxation too. According to them, a person doing a job or business may be very bored mentally sometimes. To keep his career or business continue, he needs to take some break and do some activities which could let them forget all the stress of job and business, and gambling is one of them.

Governmental revenue

Gambling is not only beneficial for the people, but gov can also earn a considerable profit from the revenue collected from gambling. Every year the countries, States and cities where gambling is legal and operated on a large scale, collects billions of dollar as taxes from gambling. These taxes is further utilised to provide different amenities to people.

No bribery

Places where gambling is illegal, officers sometimes collect the fine either as per the rule of some acts set against the gambling, or some individual officer charges the colossal amount as the bribery to let the people gamble even if he saw them. These fine and charges don’t reach to the government most of the time in the countries where gambling is illegal.

No feeling of shame

People who gamble feel very depressed sometimes when other people nearby them or in their relation know that he do gambling. In this case, the one side the person feel terrible about himself and the people around him also take him as guilty all the time. When gambling will be legalised, none of such case will arise, and it will be considered just like any normal activity and not a point of shame.

These were the few benefits of gambling. There might be many more depending upon the case and the place.

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